Helping You With Issues Related To The Modification Of Divorce, Support And Custody Orders

In the wake of a divorce, it is important to realize that not all rulings are set in stone; some can be modified. The fact is, families change over time, sometimes drastically. A former spouse may move or may obtain a job that offers a higher compensation. In these cases, family members can pursue modifications to more accurately reflect these changes.

That said, change in job or minor change in compensation may not automatically qualify for a modification. In Kansas and Missouri, modifications can be pursued in the event that a change is "so substantial and continuing as to make the terms (of the current agreement) unreasonable."

If you have questions about modifications, it is important to reach out to an attorney who can inform you of your rights and work to make the strongest argument that a substantial change has occurred.

Missouri And Kansas Child Support Modification Lawyers

We at Richard T. Bryant & Associates, P.C., are ready to put more than three decades of experience to work with you on modification issues that may include:

  • An ex-spouse remarrying
  • An ex-spouse either losing his or her job, acquiring a more lucrative job, or retiring
  • A parent relocating after acquiring a new job
  • A child no longer requiring child support after turning 18
  • A child requiring additional support after high school due to attending college or a technical school
  • The financial needs or expenses of a child changing over time
  • A parent being accused of abusing the child or being an unfit parent

Because Lisa M. Dubé has significant divorce and family law experience, the firm is adept at finding efficient long-term solutions to complex family challenges. As experienced negotiators and trial lawyers, our lawyers have helped numerous clients throughout Kansas and Missouri reach best possible outcomes.

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