Helping Parents With Both Sides Of Relocation Disputes

Parental relocation often presents emotional issues for both parents; no committed parent wants to be separated from a child and denied presence in a child's life for long. That said, relocation may be necessary for a parent with primary physical custody — he or she may have obtained a new job or been presented with opportunities for the child.

In order to successfully relocate, a parent must give very specific notice and follow legal requirements on timelines and responses. In practice, this means that a custodial parent who seeks to relocate must comply with state statute and give written notice along with information that includes:

  • The address of the new residence
  • The telephone number of the new residence
  • The proposed date of the relocation
  • A short statement outlining the reasoning for the relocation (if applicable)
  • A proposed revised custody or visitation schedule (if applicable)

If the relocating parent does not follow these statutory guidelines, he or she may lose custody. Likewise, improper responses to relocation may pose legal issues.

If there is split custody, one parent must demonstrate that the move is in the child's best interests and will not unduly affect the relationship with the other parent. The court will consider both sides when determining relocation.

Because of the detail-oriented nature of these cases, an attorney is crucial.

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