What To Know About Divorce

If you are like most other people who are contemplating filing for divorce, you probably are unsure about what to expect during the divorce process. Deciding to take those first steps toward ending your marriage takes a lot of courage, and we want you to know that we are here for you when you decide that the time is right.

We want to provide you with some basic information about divorce in Missouri and Kansas, to help you understand more about the process. This can help make the entire situation much easier on you and reduce some of the stress that you may be experiencing.

The process itself will be very time-sensitive

Both Kansas and Missouri will have specific requirements that you will need to follow throughout the divorce. Missing a deadline can have a significant negative effect on your case, as well as the amount of time that you may be able to spend with your children.

You may feel like the walls are closing in on you throughout the process, and that there is so much that you have to learn as things move forward. You do not have to take all of this on by yourself. Our team is here to take care of all of these things for you, so that you are able to focus on you and your future.

Use your time wisely

Divorce rarely comes from out of nowhere. You or your spouse may have had several discussions about things that make it seem like things will not be working out. Once you start to think that divorce might be likely in your situation, you need to start developing your plan.

In the majority of cases, you and your spouse will have property that you have accumulated together during your marriage. You should prepare an accurate accounting of this property, which may include shared checking, savings and retirement accounts, as well as any debts that you have accumulated together.

This information can be much more difficult to obtain once a divorce is filed, because your spouse may wish to conceal or diminish the amount of assets that may be subject to property division proceedings. You need to be sure that you have a clear view of your financial situation to make the best possible decisions for your life after divorce.

You need to prepare yourself emotionally for what's next

Divorce is going to be a major change. Your life will be dramatically different from what it was before your marriage ended. While the process is ongoing, your feelings are going to take control. You are going to be upset, scared and unsure of what is best for you. You may be focused on getting revenge on your ex, but know that this will only hurt you more in the long run.

A lawyer can explain the impact of each and every decision you are asked to make. You will be able to ask questions so that you understand how best to proceed. You will have someone who can stand up for you throughout the process when you are not at your best. We understand what this is like, and we know that is it not easy. We will not leave just because things get difficult.

Learn More About Your Case

We will be happy to meet with you to discuss more about your specific situation. To schedule your consultation with one of our attorneys, please call 816-399-5218 or send us an email. We represent clients in family law cases in Jackson County, Johnson County and throughout the rest of the Kansas City metro area.