How do Kansas and Missouri handle DUI charges?

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Every state has different laws governing the penalties and legal consequences for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Much depends on the specific factors of your situation, such as how much alcohol was in your bloodstream at the time of your DUI arrest.

In the states of Kansas and Missouri, a DUI charge can result in high fines and jail time, depending on the severity of your charges. If the police arrest you for a DUI in either of these states, you should know the various possible penalties so you can effectively navigate the criminal justice system and work towards mitigating the consequences of your charges.

How a DUI affects your license

Something that many drivers are concerned about is whether a DUI charge will also trigger the revocation of their driver’s license. The Kansas Department of Revenue has an alcohol actions chart that clearly lists in table format the various ways a license is revoked in relation to DUI charges. In the chart, it is clear that penalties increase as the driver’s blood alcohol content, or BAC, increases. The upper threshold for the lower penalties is .1499 for drivers of all ages, and a BAC of .15 and higher results in more serious penalties, including a one-year license suspension in all cases.

How a DUI may result in jail time

While a license suspension makes up the administrative phase of a DUI charge, potential jail time makes up the criminal phase of the DUI process. Developing a strategic defense for facing the criminal phase is of utmost importance in terms of your future. A successful DUI defense can help you mitigate the penalties of your charges and possibly avoid jail time or reduce your sentence. Granted, jail time only results if you are convicted of a DUI in the first place. How much jail time you may receive depends on a variety of factors that the judge will take into account. In Kansas and Missouri, you may be eligible for alternative sentencing programs such as diversion. 

Do not make the mistake of underestimating the seriousness of a DUI charge. A criminal record will impact every aspect of your life and future, especially in terms of employment and other areas where you must disclose if you have a criminal record. Take steps to build a strategic defense so you can have the best chance of building a successful future.