What happens to my license after a DWI conviction in Missouri?

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Drunk driving in Missouri is a criminal offense. Impaired drivers risk their lives and put others in danger when they operate a motor vehicle after too many drinks. Because of the risk drunk drivers pose, judges often strip away driving privileges when they charge individuals with a DWI.

Specifically, Missouri residents who receive their first DWI charge can face a 90-day driver’s license suspension. State courts reserve stricter penalties for repeat DWI offenders. Second-time offenders may face a one-year license revocation period and three or more offenses can lead to a decade without a license. But, with any level offense you are facing, you might be able to regain some privileges.

Restricted driving privilege

Those facing short-term license suspension can apply for restricted driving privilege (RDP). According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, first-time offenders might be able to see almost no lapse in their driving privileges with RDP. This is because, if an offender hasn’t received any alcohol-related offenses in the last five years, then they might be able to obtain a 90-day RDP to use over the course of their entire suspension period.

Anyone who receives an RDP will only be able to drive to limited locations, like their place of employment, school, medical appointments, alcohol or drug treatment, court obligations and grocery store. And they won’t be able to go anywhere until they install an ignition interlock device (IID). This means the driver will essentially need to take a breathalyzer test to start their car.

Limited driving privilege

Individuals facing a longer period of license revocation might be eligible for a limited driving privilege or hardship license. Hardship license holders must also use an IID ahead of each drive. And they can only drive to a strict set of pre-approved places during specific times.

If you think you might qualify for temporary driving privileges after a DWI charge, then a criminal defense attorney can help you through the legal process.