DUI charges have many hidden costs

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A drunk driving charge can lead to shame and concern about what your life may be like when your driver’s license is suspended, fines must be paid, and you face the strong possibility of time in jail. You sweat it out, but these given outcomes merely represent the potential avalanche of consequences. Do not overlook the hidden financial penalties that will shrink your bank account and make your wallet lighter.

Hidden costs of a DUI charge have lingering effects. These are additional outcomes if convicted of this crime. Can you afford these additional financial setbacks? Regardless, you must deal with them, which include increased insurance rates, loss of income, and the costs of entering an alcohol rehabilitation program.

Face loss of income, higher insurance rates

Here are some of the examples of the hidden costs that confront a person convicted of drunk driving:

  • Increased auto insurance rates: You need auto insurance to drive on Missouri’s roads, so you will be stuck paying higher rates, which will likely more than double.
  • Potential loss of income: This represents a big financial setback. Because of an arrest and conviction, you must take time off work for court appearances, complete court-ordered community service, and potentially complete a jail sentence.
  • Reinstatement of your driver’s license: An abundant number of additional fees are necessary for you to regain your driver’s license.
  • Interlock device installation: For people who rely on their motor vehicles for work, they must have a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) installed inside their vehicle.
  • An alcohol treatment program: Court-ordered enrollment in such a program is possible. Counseling could last weeks or months and even require you to live in a treatment facility.

The ramifications of a DUI conviction are serious. If charged with this crime, it is crucial to seek legal guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney who may help you get the charges reduced or dismissed.