How do you build a criminal defense?

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You may have gotten into a situation that you have difficulty fixing and getting out of. If you have been charged with a felony, you will want to build a criminal defense and most likely, you will want the support of an attorney who has the knowledge and the skills to help you build a defense that is solid and effective. Hopefully, that will enable you to face either lesser charges or, possibly, no charges at all.

If you are facing criminal charges, your world may feel as though it is coming to an end but that is certainly not necessarily the case. However, one thing that you should probably keep in mind is that you should move quickly to make sure that you have a solid criminal defense so that you can stand up to whatever is coming your way and protect your rights and your future to the best of your ability.

What can I expect if I am charged with a crime?

If you have been arrested, you will probably be taken to the police station and booked and processed. In the booking process, you will have your photo taken and you will be fingerprinted. After that, you may be released, you may be asked to post bail or you may have to go to the court for an arraignment. What happens after you are processed depends on the actual crime itself. If the charges are serious, you may have to stay in jail until the arraignment happens.

During your arraignment, the judge will read you the charges and you will either respond by pleading guilty, not guilty or no contest. If you plead guilty, you will receive your sentence from the judge and the trial will end. If you plead not guilty, your case will be put on the court’s calendar. At this point, you will want to find a criminal attorney to represent you.

Building your criminal defense

No matter what you have been accused of doing, you have the right to a defense. According to the law, you are innocent until proven guilty and you will want to have the proper legal support from a defense attorney who can build your defense as solidly as possible so that you have a chance to walk away and start a new life after you have taken responsibility for the mistakes that you made in the past. The right attorney can make a tremendous difference in your case and can greatly affect your future.