Helping Motorists Challenge Kansas City Speeding Tickets

We have all had moments where we have been driving above posted speed limits. In the Kansas City area, there are many drivers who are stopped by police each and every day and issued speeding tickets. If you receive a ticket, you need to know that there can be significant penalties that can result if you simply pay the fine, especially if you have several tickets on your driving record.

At Richard T. Bryant & Associates, P.C., we have a long history of fighting speeding tickets for motorists who live in or are traveling through the Kansas City area. Attorney Andrew S. Talge handles traffic tickets and criminal defense matters for our clients, and has more than 25 years of experience protecting the rights of motorists. He has appeared in courts throughout the region on behalf of drivers who have been issued a ticket for speeding or other moving violation.

What You Should Know About Your Ticket

The facts behind each ticket really tell us what kinds of options are available to you. Where you received your ticket will be crucial, as some municipalities and counties are much more aggressive when dealing with these cases. We will make sure that you understand what we will do to help you reduce the potential penalties that may result in your case. Some of the various issues that we assist with in speeding ticket cases include:

  • Contesting the speeding ticket in court on your behalf
  • Negotiating with prosecutors to reduce the charges that you are facing to help avoid a possible license suspension
  • Representing commercial drivers who have been issued tickets
  • Defending motorists who have received tickets in school or work zones

In both Kansas and Missouri, motorists need to take immediate action each time they are pulled over by police. If you simply pay the fine and take a conviction, each subsequent ticket may increase the potential penalties that may apply. If you are a commercial driver, the stakes may be even higher, as a ticket may result in the loss of your livelihood.

Before you make any decisions about your speeding ticket, take the time to understand the impact that a guilty plea will have upon your future. We will carefully explain what we can do to help, and we will make sure that your rights are protected at all times.

Every Ticket Has Consequences. Let Us Help You Fight Back.

To speak to our lawyer about your speeding ticket or other moving violation, please call our office at 816-399-5218 or send us an email. We represent all drivers, including those with CDLs, who have received tickets in the Kansas City metro area.