Obtaining Liquor Licenses In Cities

Missouri has different liquor licenses depending on the type of establishment you manage. The licenses you need also depend on the location of your business. For example, Kansas City has specific licenses that cover certain details such as:

  • Time of sale, including permits to sell after 3 a.m.
  • Location, such as a cultural event in the entertainment district
  • Type of establishment, such as a microbrewery

It is essential to obtain the proper liquor licenses that best suit your business ventures. It is possibly even more important to correctly obtain the licenses you need to avoid negative consequences. That is why it is critical to retain experienced business counsel.

Advocates For All Liquor Licensing In Cities

The law firm of Richard T. Bryant & Associates, P.C., provides comprehensive counsel on all liquor licensing matters. Restaurant owners and hotel managers alike frequently call on our legal team for advice because of our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness. Throughout our decades of service, we have helped hundreds of businesses successfully obtain and maintain their liquor licenses.

It is our goal to help your business operate as smoothly as possible. That is why we take the time to understand your business goals and adjust our strategies to meet those goals.

With our office based in Kansas City, our attorneys understand city liquor regulations well. However, we also have experience helping companies obtain licenses in suburbs such as Platte City, Independence and Liberty.

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