Representing Businesses Facing Enforcement Actions

The Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control Enforcement (ATC) conducts reviews to ensure your business always complies with Missouri’s strict liquor laws. The failure to comply with these laws can result in considerable fines and serious legal consequences for your business.

If your business faces noncompliance or complaints, contact Richard T. Bryant & Associates, P.C. We have successfully assisted hundreds of companies through various licensing matters. With your business’ best interests in mind, we provide you with comprehensive counsel and proactive representation.

ATC Enforcement Consequences

Business owners do not often focus on issues of license compliance. However, disregarding compliance laws leads to severe penalties. License violations, including selling alcohol without a license or to a minor, can lead to enforcement actions including:

  • Written warnings
  • License suspensions
  • License revocations
  • Probationary actions
  • Expensive fines

Any of these penalties can seriously impact your business operations as well as any future endeavors. It is essential to consult a knowledgeable attorney to protect the future of your business.

Our experienced legal team advocates for you in and out of the courtroom. If your case goes to court, you can trust that our attorneys will strive for the best possible outcome for your business.

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