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The attorneys at Richard T. Bryant & Associates, P.C., help business owners all over Kansas and Missouri obtain the liquor licenses they need. Since there are various types of liquor licenses available under Missouri law, it is essential to determine which license best fits your business needs and goals.

Our team of lawyers provides business owners with comprehensive counsel to help them obtain the proper license for their establishment.

Liquor License Options

Missouri law outlines various licenses with specific regulations within each license. The different liquor licenses include:

  • License by drink: This license allows retailers to sell liquor by the glass. There are different permits within this license for beer, wine, or all types of liquor.
  • License by package: This license allows retailers to sell liquor in the original package to be consumed off the retail property. Different permits include different kinds of liquor.
  • Temporary retail: This permit is for specific events, such as festivals or picnics. It also allows retailers to cater events for other organizations.
  • Secondary retail: This is an additional license that includes permits for tasting, extended hours and Sunday sales.
  • Other retail: Retailers can obtain this license to sell liquor at auctions, malls or the Missouri State Fair.

The permit fees generally increase with the amount or type of liquor you wish to sell.

Experienced Attorneys For All Licensing Needs

We have over 75 years of combined experience resolving liquor licensing issues. We aid hotels, restaurants, bars and convenience stores to apply for all of the appropriate licenses. In addition to choosing the proper license, we also help business owners take proactive measures to ensure compliance to protect their business.

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