Assisting Hotels With Liquor Licensing Matters

At Richard T. Bryant & Associates, P.C., we have helped many hotel owners and operators get all the permits they need to successfully open and operate their hotels and to run bars and restaurants on their premises.

It is important to realize that the highest performing hotels focus on core competencies and business processes; obtaining permits and focusing on legal requirements is almost never a core business issue. That said, failure to correctly obtain a permit can expose management and staff to significant fines or catastrophic legal liabilities, as well as delay opening of new venues.

Missouri And Kansas Hotel Liquor Licensing Lawyers

Hotel owners and managers call on our team for our expertise in obtaining liquor licenses. With our comprehensive knowledge, we take the time to understand client goals, advise on who needs to be consulted and file all necessary paperwork. In addition, we are able to do everything possible to get the best possible rates as far as tax purposes.

Once an organization successfully obtains a license, we can help with ongoing education, on-the-spot compliance inspections and ongoing license continuity. Often clients partner with our team for years on end to ensure their operations are smooth, their employees are informed, processes are compliant, and all licenses and permits are current.

Our staff is ready to help you do the same, regardless of issue.

Contact Our Attorneys

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