Frequently Asked Liquor Licensing Questions

At Richard T. Bryant & Associates, P.C., we have helped hundreds of businesses navigate various issues regarding liquor licenses. Throughout those years of service, our attorneys have collected questions businesses frequently ask, including:

When does a business need a liquor license?

The law is very clear that businesses large and small need a liquor license to sell or manufacture alcoholic beverages.

Owners and managers receive licenses from the Missouri Department of Public Safety’s Alcohol & Tobacco Control, provided that the establishment meets all of their standards.

What types of licenses are available?

There are many liquor licenses available in the state of Missouri. Generally, the type of license depends on the location and type of establishment, as well as the kinds of alcohol you wish to sell. There are various licenses available to wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers. Basic liquor licenses include:

  • Liquor by the drink, with a different permit for different drinks
  • Liquor by the package, with an additional permit for Sunday sales
  • Licenses for events, including festivals, picnics and even the State Fair
  • Various licenses necessary to cater events
  • Tasting and consumption licenses in different locations

The comprehensive list of licenses is long, and much more specific. It is important to note that you can modify your license or obtain a new one altogether as your business develops.

Why is it necessary to work with an attorney?

Business owners have many responsibilities. Complying with liquor laws often falls low on the list of priorities. That is why it is critical for owners and managers to partner with an experienced attorney. Failure to comply with liquor laws can have serious consequences for your business. Our lawyers not only help ensure compliance, but we provide comprehensive counsel regarding all liquor license matters.

With our knowledgeable counsel, we help businesses avoid negative consequences that develop from potential problems. That being said, our attorneys strive to create proactive plans to avoid those problems in the first place. It is our goal to help your business run as smoothly as possible.

Also, Missouri’s liquor laws and regulations change frequently. At Richard T. Bryant & Associates, P.C., we are always up to date with any changes, so we can protect our clients.

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